Electric Insulating Lacquers

Electric Insulating Lacquers

Used for impregnation of cables, transformers, electrical motors and apparatus.

Varnish KO-916A


Homogenous clear solution of polyether-modified organopolysiloxane resin in toluene
    • Lacquer KO-916A is designed for production of fiberglass- insulated winding wires and heat-resistant wires and cables with fiberglass proofing.
    • The KO-916A coating shows high durability, weather and moisture resistance, resistance to attack of oil, heat, and gasoline.
  • The polymerized lacquer coat is nontoxic, fire-safe.
  • Shelf life - 6 months

Physical and chemical properties

Weight of non-volatiles, %   60 ± 2  
Viscosity, 20 ºC, by viscometer VZ-246 with orifice Ø 4 mm, s   30-60  
Dryout time, 3rd degree, (200±5) ºC, mins, max.   15  
Weight of Si- bound hydrogen, %, max.   0,0018  
Thermo elasticity, 200ºC, hrs, min.   50  
Hardness by pendulum device ME-3, 20°С, min.   0,6  
Hardness by pendulum device ME-3, 180°С, min.   0,2  
Optical density, max.   0,5  
Dielectric properties   Test
  М(15-35 С)
M(200 С)
24hrs(23 С)
Volume resistivity, Ω·m, min. 1,0×1012 1,0×1010 1,0×1011
Dielectric strength, MW/m, min. 75 35 40