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Chemical additives for construction materials
Year 2015; KORONA GROUP CHEMISTRY company head office İstanbul, built for marketing chemical products which produced by Korona Group Companies to Turkey and Near East countries markets. Our company’s main activity is import and export of high quality modern silicone, epoxy products and addings for industrial chemicals sector. Our company’s priority in Turkey and Near East countries markets; products for gypsum, gypsum panels, glasswool, rockwool, concrete, cobblestone, MDF products, metal and rubber molds, electric cables, industrial pipes, bricks,coating marble surfaces producing sectors. Our main activity products are organic silicones, water repellent liquids and emulsions, organic silicone varnishes, heat resistant varnishes , electric insulating varnishes, epoxy resins, organic silicone enamals and also paraffin emülsions produce by our group companies. More details about our products and usage areas are on our web page Products section. Indays; our qualified and well experienced expert teams placed at Ukraine and Hungary offices to serve fast developing industrial chemicals markets at Ukraine, Russia, European Union, Turkey and Near East Countries. By registered international standarts products and our qualified and well experienced experts get requests by construction materials, metal, nuclear energy, patrol and gas, house builder, food and textile sector companies.