Polymethylsilicone Fluids

Polymethylsilicone Fluids

In the manufacturing of construction materials to impart water repellency

Silicon liquid GKZH-11K; Silicon liquid GKZH-11N

    • GKZ-11K’s are designed for treatment of porous materials of construction, buildings and structures of brick, marble, tuf, concrete, cement, asbestos cement, tiles, and other similar materials.
    • When treated with GKZ-11K’s, surfaces do not imbibe water and retain gas and air permeability so that protective properties of structures improve. The treated surfaces show.
  • GKZ-11K’s produce no harmful gas emission, are untoxic, explosion-proof, but shows an alkalic reaction so that safety regulations must be observed like when handling alkalis.
  • Shelf life - 12 months

Physical and chemical properties

Physico-chemical properties
 Fluid GKZ-11K
 Grade АGrade BGrade C
Appearancelight-yellow to brown liquidclear or slightly turbid liquidclear or slightly turbid liquid
Color by iodine scale--≤1
Density 20°С, g/cm31,120 - 1, 300not less 1,41,250 – 1,350
Alkalinity as KOH, %16,0 - 29,0not less 23,819,5 - 22,5
Fraction of total mass of non-volatiles, %39,0 - 52,0not less 54,044,5 – 49,0
Water-repelling ability withstands test