Polymethylsilicone Fluids

Polymethylsilicone Fluids

In the manufacturing of construction materials to impart water repellency

Silicone liquid 136-157 М


Fluid 136-157 М is methylhydrogensilicone polymer, low-viscous oil of light-yellow color or without color. It is readily dissoluble in aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, undergoes gelation in the presence of amines, amino alcohols, strong acids and bases. No dissolution in lower alcohols.
    • Fluid 136-157 М is designed to impart hydrophobic (water-repellant) properties to a variety of fabrics, paper and leather; to improve humidity resistance of asbestos cement and gypsum board, ceramic materials, porcelain and glass insulators, a variety of materials of construction; to formulate release agents for glas-moulding surfaces.
    • The hydrophobic treatment of surfaces with Fluid 136-157 М does not impair the air renewal in constructions, has no influence to the appearance of the material of construction, reduces the dirt retention and extends service life of surfaces treated.
    • In addition, the treatment with Fluid 136-157 М prevents the deterioration of heat-insulating properties of materials of construction, treated surfaces showing a good freeze- thaw resistance, UV- and IR- resistance, withstanding alternate humectation and dissication.
    • When treated with Fluid 136-157 М, building structures are not subject to destructive effect of moss and lichen.
  • Fluid 136-157 М is untoxic, explosion-proof, inert, produces no harmful gas emission, causes no irritation to skin or conjunctiva, is physiologically safety.
    Nota bene: Fluid 136-157 М is inflammable.
  • Shelf life - 12 months

    Storage conditions: in storage room, at a distance from open flame, acids, and alkalis. 

Physical and chemical properties

Content of active hydrogen, %1,5 - 1,8
Kinematic viscosity 20°С, cSt10 - 80
Reaction of medium /pН of aqueous extract/6 - 7
Water repelling ability, hrs, min.3