Heat-Resistant Varnishes

Heat-Resistant Varnishes

Used for coating of high temperature working machines, tubes and car parts.

Varnish КО-815


Light-yellow to brown transparent liquid, solution of glyptal-modified polyphenylsiloxane resin in toluene or xylene.
    • Manufacture of heat-resistant enamels. The latter are made by mixing the lacquers with aluminum powder.
    • Enamels are designed for hardware which operates at 400-500°C for a long time.
  • In a cured state, the lacquer film is nontoxic, fire-proof.
  • Shelf life 36 months

Physical and chemical properties

Viscosity determined with viscometer type VZ-246 at orifice diameter 4 mm, s10-13
Fraction of total mass of nonvolatiles, %33-37
Acid number, mg KOH/g of lacquermax. 10,0
Dryout time 3rd degree, (150±2)°C, hrsmax. 1