Heat-Resistant Varnishes

Heat-Resistant Varnishes

Used for coating of high temperature working machines, tubes and car parts.

Varnish КО-075


Light-yellow to dark-brown transparent liquid, a solution of polyester-modified polymethylphenylsiloxane resin in toluene.
    • Preparation of the heat-resistant enamel KO-835. The latter is prepared directly before use by mixing 94 parts by weight of the lacquer and 6 parts by weight of aluminium powder. The enamel is designed for parts operating at temperature of about 500°C.
    • Protection of separators, gas traps with the fitting, cyclone settlers in oil-fields.
    • Corrosion prevention of external surface of gas ducts, chlorinators, steam and gas turbines, ejectors, different elements of agricultural machines, air drying apparatus, chemical catching equipment, equipment in by-product coke production.
    • Protection of car radiators as well as other elements and equipment operating at 350-400°C for a long time.
    • Corrosion prevention of internal surface of steam-water tanks operating at 150-160°C. Sizing and dressing of artificial fur; improvement of resistance of protective clothing to attack by acids; impregnation of filter fabrics to increase serviceability, heat and wear resistance.
    • Release coating in the production of glass and fiberglass plastics; a component of parting paints.
    • Combination of the lacquer KO-075 with pentaphthalic (perchlorovinyl) nitrocellulose enamels provides improvement of the film strength, water, heat and light resistance, water repellency, gloss and hardness.
  • The polymerized lacquer film is nontoxic, fire-proof.
  • Shelf life 12 months

Physical and chemical properties

Fraction of total mass of nonvolatiles, %37 ± 3
Acid number, mg KOH/g of lacquermax. 6,0